IV Hydration

Fountain of Youth

Anti-aging IV hydration treatment to help you feel rejuvenated

We can’t stop time, but we can help slow the aging process. The Fountain of Youth IV combines antioxidants that help curb the cellular damage that is aging. This will help with regeneration of injured cells, improving joint function and aiding the body’s natural detoxification system.

IV hydration has been shown to have numerous benefits and can not only help with aging, but also illnesses, exhaustion and more. Stop in our office on South Main and see which IV hydration treatments are right for you.

IV Hydration

Elite Total Wellness offers IV Hydration as an integral part of our holistic approach to overall wellness.

Men's & Women's Health Care

We offer hormone replacement therapy for both men and women to protect long-term health.

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From products, services and procedures, Elite can help you enhance your beauty while promoting healthy skin.

Weight Loss

We take a hands-on approach with our comprehensive medical weight loss programs

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